Below are links to websites and useful resources to help you understand the value of responsible water stewardship, learn how to become certified, and find other certified sites.

WSAS Audit Platform

An online reporting tool for auditors and clients to enable consistent and efficient certification processes across all sites.

AWS Resources

AWS website

Visit the AWS website for more information about the AWS Standard System.

AWS Standard V2.0

The AWS Standard is now available in multiple languages.


The AWS Tools Hub is home to the AWS E-Standard and Guidance, Online Learning Modules, Webinars and more.


AWS provides training and advice to equip organisations to engage in water stewardship.

Certified sites

View all the sites that have achieved AWS certification.

WSAS Resources

Complaints and Appeals

WSAS has a documented process for handling any complaints or appeals arising from the activities of WSAS, or the activities of any Site certified by WSAS. Download the procedure.

Should you wish to register a complaint or appeal please complete the form.

Privacy Policy

Water Stewardship Assurance Services (WSAS) takes your data privacy seriously, to find out more, read our policy.

10 Steps to Certification

When your site is registered with AWS, you can begin the step-by-step process to become certified.