About Us

Water Stewardship Assurance Services (WSAS) is the mission-driven Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) System.

We contribute to the AWS mission by providing credible assurance against the AWS Standard. After the initial certification, we monitor and audit sites’ continual improvement through our surveillance and re-certification processes.


WSAS shares AWS’s vision of a water secure world

As the custodian of the International Water Stewardship Standard, AWS oversees WSAS’s performance to maintain the quality, integrity and credibility of the certification scheme.

Our governance

We are currently recruiting a majority independent Board that will receive a mandate from the AWS Board under which it will operate. This mandate will include both technical requirements as defined by the AWS Technical Committee and mission requirements (what is required of WSAS to contribute to the AWS mission).

Impartial audit and certification process

We have in place an impartial and rigorous audit and certification process. In addition, we will have a Certification Advisory Committee, composed of experts that are independent of AWS, WSAS and AWS Members, to ensure impartiality and add extra scrutiny and advice to our assurance processes. We have begun work towards, and aim to achieve, accreditation to ISO 17065, the globally recognised standard for certification bodies, at the earliest possible date.

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